In the world of Concrete results are not guaranteed. Concrete is more than just what meets the eye. Red Bay is the difference, and although no one is perfect a little science and a lot of experience is getting us really close!

We are Professionals, accredited by the American Concrete Institute. 1,500 hours plus of verified work, ACI courses and written examinations.


We Are Sticklers About Quality

Our Managers are trained and certified by the American Concrete Institute as ACI Testing Technicians. We posses the working knowledge that can translate the specifications of Architects and Engineers into a finished product. Concrete placement should always be done by people who are knowledgeable in specific areas such as Temperature of Freshly Mixed Concrete, Concrete Sampling, Slump, Density, Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete, and Making and Curing of Concrete.

We Are Team Red Bay & We Are Here To Make A Difference

I always recommend Red Bay for the simple fact that they will build exactly what I have designed and will reach out to me if they encounter job site issues. These two qualities make me confident that my design was constructed properly and that any exposure to improperly performed concrete construction and foundation failure has been eliminated.

Matt Wilks, P.E., Atlantic Engineering

As a material supplier for Red Bay Constructors, HD Supply/White Cap have found Eric and his team to be great partners. From the office staff and estimating to the field personnel and project management they are very professional. The Red Bay team goes out of their way to ensure the projects we work on together are successful projects. We hope to be a valuable resource to Red bay Constructors for many years to come.

Bo Crouch, HD Supply/White Cap

We choose Red Bay because they have the capabilities to make the job simple. They were quick, professional and easy to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Peter McKellar, Harbor Contracting

Red Bay’s reputation in the Charleston area is well-earned. Their level of professionalism and expertise is just unmatched by the competition.

Russ Robinson, Port City Concrete

I’ve had the pleasure of working on many projects with Red Bay over the past 8 years. Eric and his staff are knowledgeable and professional in every aspect of business.

Tyler Winningham, Argos Ready Mixed


We Are Looking Out For You

The Exterior Design Institute is the non profit organization that trains and certifies Inspectors like some of us at Red Bay to promote quality control in the Stucco and Brick Veneer Industry. We photograph and document our installations eliminating risks such as warranty issues and lawsuits.


Foundations with faulty concrete or craftsmanship will fail in the future and most often require a “foundation repair” company to remedy at exuberant costs. Like anything else it needs to be executed properly the first time by qualified professionals that make a difference.


We have the experience. In Charleston, Red Bay Constructors has more collective and individual experience in the business of putting down concrete than anyone else. Our staff both on and off the field have the collective experience to deliver the results our customers deserve.


We are surveyors. Our in house Surveying Department provides full service. Experience has taught us that information and communication are the most important part of what we do. Our surveyors and project managers collect and share information about our job. CAD files afford us the opportunity to avoid.


We are prideful of our work. We go to great lengths to make sure the final outcome of our work is executed to the highest degree possible. Our efforts on the field begin with onsite meetings and continue with documentation at every step. Accuracy is important. We verify and document soil conditions, penetrometer testing, block elevations, flood zones, venting, compaction, height requirements, etc.


We are insured. We care about insurance limits and carry policies with High General Aggregate Limits. Let’s be honest about insurance, most concrete contractors purchase a minimum coverage policy adequate for projects valued under $250,000. We have a 15 year relationship with our Insurance Agents and are happy to acquire for you the coverage commensurate to your specific values but we start with a $5 Million policy.