New Juvenile Detention Center Unveiled in Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Tuesday, March 29, officials unveiled the new Charleston County Juvenile Detention Center, which aims to lower the number of juvenile repeat offenders by offering a better rehabilitative environment. This new $13 million facility will provide classrooms, a library, a recreation center, among other amenities.

Additionally, the new facility features three dorms with 12 beds each and 24 cells. The facility will include a family counseling area for social services and quiet rooms. The outdoor recreation area includes basketball hoops and plans for a future garden. Three classrooms and a library will be available to all inmates. Also included are an intake, medical facilities, and lawyer conference area as well as administration offices. The new detention center will be able to accommodate up to 72 juveniles.

Charleston County is currently the test site for the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, which aims to look at the juvenile detention system’s current efforts in rehabilitation and look for possible alternatives to incarceration. It is the first time this national program has been implemented in South Carolina. Leitner Construction served as General Contractor for the project and Red Bay provided footings, foundation, CMU and brick.