Red Bay will serve as concrete contractor for the new ALB outbreak research facility

Red Bay is ready to leave our mark on another job site. We are excited to kick off the ALB Outbreak Facility for MPS Engineering & Construction.

The ALB Outbreak research facility is the result of a partnership between the College of Charleston and Clemson University for the purpose of studying and eradicating the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) here in South Carolina. South Carolina happens to be 4th state with an active ALB infestation, but hopefully not much longer, after this facility is completed. 

Originating from Korea and eastern China, the beetles love hardwood trees. They chew through the bark and twigs to lay eggs, which in turn hatch and bore their way into the tree, feeding on the inside of the tree as they go, ultimately killing the tree in as little as 5 years. The good news: ALB can be eradicated. The bad news: it takes time, resources and partnership. With the completion of this facility, researchers will be well on their way. 

General Contractor: MPS Engineering and Construction